Our club currently manages a 285 kilometer network of trails located in the rolling hills of Pictou and Colchester Counties passing through the communities of Pictou, Scotsburn, River John, Earltown, Upper Stewiacke, and Tatamagouche. The club maintains these trails with two Groomers servicing different areas of the mountain to ensure all trails are in good condition throughout the snowmobiling season.

Trail Passes and Club memberships provide much needed funding to the club to maintain the trails and trail maintenance equipment. Purchasing a pass allows the club to continuously improve our trails and your snowmobiling experiences.
SANS has implemented a new program for this season with Law Enforcement participation (DNR and RCMP), offenses and related fines are outlined in the Trail Stop Program.

DMSC is pleased to announce that we can now process payment for Memberships and Trail Passes online. If interested in this option, please send an email to dmscsecretary@gmail.com with your contact information. DMSC will reach out to you for further details such as payment info, we ask that you not include this in the email. 

Trail Permit Details

Trail Permit Types

Early Bird






*Classic Snowmobile
Available until December 15


Three Day


Conditions apply to family and classic 
(see below)
(#888151792RT0001) included in all prices

Early Bird  - $130.00
Purchase by December 15th

Season - $185.00
Purchase at any time during the season
Family - $85.00

To qualify, families with multiple sleds must first purchase either 2 Early Bird or 2 Season permits.
Subsequent permits registered to the same address may then be purchased for $85.00.

Classic Snowmobile - $85.00
Purchase by December 15th

Copy of valid registration must be provided at time of purchase.
The name on the registration must match the name and address of the permit purchaser.

Three-Day Trail Permit - $50.00
A 3-Day Trail Permit can be purchased for short duration rides.
3-Day trail permits will expire at midnight on the posted expiry date. 3-Day trail permits issued after 4:00 p.m. for immediate use will include the balance of that day plus the following day as the first day.  3-Day trail permits must be validated at the time of purchase.  The vendor will validate the 3-Day trail permit by punching-out the month and three consecutive days for which the buyer intends to ride.  

Replacement Permits - $10.00

Replacement Permits must be purchased from the club where the original was bought for $10.00. To receive a Replacement Permit, the original Trail Permit or portion there-of, plus the matching pink Trail Permit Receipt must be attached to the white receipt of the replacement permit.

Where to Buy: 
Trail Permits may be purchased from any Member Club.  Also, they are available from a variety of snowmobile related service providers -- click here to link to our map of Nova Scotia and then select the area you plan to ride for vendors in that area