History of the Dalhousie Mountain Snowmobile Club

Dalhousie Mountain Snowmobile Club (DMSC) was incorporated in 2001.  It is a “not-for-profit” society with approximately 70 active members annually. The club has helped develop and now manages a 285 kilometer network of trails that have been used for well over 30 years. As 1 of 21 clubs in the province that make up the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia (SANS), DMSC is a major contributor to the province’s organized trails and snowmobiling activities.
The trail network is located in the rolling hills of Pictou and Colchester Counties passing through the communities of Pictou, Scotsburn, River John, Earltown, Upper Stewiacke, and Tatamagouche and contains many spectacular look offs over the Northumberland Strait. The trails connect to other snowmobile and multi-use trails permitting travel to Truro, Springhill, Amherst, and New Brunswick.
DMSC has been recognized by SANS as being a leader in the province by awarding it with the association’s “Club of the Year” award in two successive years and some of our members have been awarded “Snowmobiler of the Year” for the province.
The club is very busy developing new trails and maintaining existing ones. The club owns two Lamtrac 4000's along with other equipment required for the regular upkeep of the trail network.
The club is constantly adding to and upgrading our trails with the help of our members, the Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Infrastructure Fund, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) and many membership run fund-raising events. We are proud of our ongoing mutual cooperative relationships with the ATV Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS), Nova Scotia Trails Federation, as well as many local businesses and county organizations which have all contributed to the success of our club and our excellent trail system. Many of our trails are multi-use and are enjoyed by active outdoor enthusiasts year-round.
The Dalhousie Mountain Snowmobile Club welcomes you to our website and invites YOU to enjoy the wonderful and exciting world of snowmobiling that we have to offer. 

History of Snowmobiling

Did you know that snowmobiles are a Canadian Invention

Snowmobiling has been both a "way of life" and a winter sport for many Canadians since Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented the first "snow machine". In 1922, when he was only 15, his father gave him an old Model "T" Ford. Bombardier removed the motor and attached it to the framework of a typical four-passenger sleigh — the usual mode of transportation for French-Canadian families during Quebec’s severe winters. He installed a huge wooden aeroplane propeller on the drive shaft behind the transmission. Then, using four sleigh runners to glide across the snow, he drove this “strange mechanical animal” through the main street of his hometown village.

By 1935 J.-Armand Bombardier had designed and built a rubber-cushioned, sprocket wheel-track system that made possible full-scale production of multi passenger snow vehicles. By 1937 he had introduced his principle of steering by skis in front of a tracked drive. On June 29, 1937, he was granted his first patent. He quickly put up a sign on his garage —“L’Auto-Neige Bombardier” — and went into business. Success was inevitable and immediate. We all know where this Canadian invention has gone since - basically everywhere that snow exists - worldwide - and there are almost three million snowmobiles registered worldwide! Thank you Joseph-Armand Bombardier!

(photo and information courtesy Government of Canada - Digital Connections Vol 4)